Posco: Most Competitive Steelmaker

World Steel Dynamics (WSD), a steel information service, ranked Posco as the most competitive steelmaker among the 32 major steelmakers.

POSCO Wins Back Most Competitive Steelmaker Title

Excerpt from the Press Release:

POSCO won 1st place in the '2010 Steelmaker Competitiveness Assessment' published by World Steel Dynamics (WSD), an agency specializing in the analysis of the steelmaking industry. WSD releases a report covering the competitiveness of steelmakers worldwide every year. In this year`s assessment, it evaluated 32 of the largest steelmakers on 23 criteria, such as production capacity, profitability, technology, and reported their comprehensive competitiveness rankings.

POSCO received the highest grades for core technology, pricing power, and financial soundness out of the 23 criteria, and scored an overall 7.84 points (out of 10).
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Posco: Most Competitive Steelmaker
Posco: Most Competitive Steelmaker
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