Munger on Board of Directors

Some thoughts from Charlie Munger On Board of Directors protecting the shareholder's interests. From his 1995 address to the Harvard Law School:

"Well, the top guy is sitting there, he's an authority figure. He's doing asinine things, you look around the board, nobody else is objecting, social proof, it's okay? Reciprocation tendency, he's raising the directors fees every year, he's flying you around in the corporate airplane to look at interesting plants, or whatever in hell they do, and you go and you really get extreme dysfunction as a corrective decision-making body in the typical American board of directors.

They o­nly act, again the power of incentives, they o­nly act when it gets so bad it starts making them look foolish, or threatening legal liability to them. That's Munger's rule. I mean there are occasional things that don't follow Munger's rule, but by and large the board of directors is a very ineffective corrector if the top guy is a little nuts, which, of course, frequently happens." - Charlie Munger
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Munger on Board of Directors
Munger on Board of Directors
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